Man stabs security guard at Kirya in Tel Aviv

Police assume attack criminally motivated; guard lightly hurt; attacker escapes scene.

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A security guard at the Kirya military headquarters in Tel Aviv was lightly wounded Thursday afternoon after being stabbed while guarding the parking area of the main Defense Ministry building. The attacker, an unknown man who was estimated to be in his mid-30s, stabbed the guard, then fled in a red peugeot 205. By the time he returned to the main entrance of the compound, the automatic security system had already closed the gate. However, due to unknown reasons, the gate was opened, and the suspect managed to escape. Currently security forces were chasing the attacker through Tel Aviv on Thursday afternoon. Police were operating under the assumption that the attack was criminally motivated. Army Radio reported that the suspect was a technician, and that he stabbed the guard with a screwdriver. Following the incident, all security personnel in the Kirya were put on high alert. Given the sensitivity of the Kirya as a military installation, the IDF is expected to investigate how such an attack could take place on its premises.