Man stabs wife to death in view of 3 young kids

Murder reportedly takes place in view of couple's 3 children, aged 5 to 10, after argument breaks out.

ilan gadi 224.88 (photo credit: Channel 10)
ilan gadi 224.88
(photo credit: Channel 10)
Police on Saturday evening arrested Ilan Gado, 41, of Tirat Hacarmel, on suspicion of stabbing his wife Naga to death as the couple's three children watched. "We received a call yesterday at around 10 [p.m.] from neighbors who heard shouts coming from an apartment," recalled Ch.-Supt. Yisrael Tubiya, commander of Tirat Hacarmel's police station. "We dispatched a patrol car to the address, where we soon realized we were dealing with a serious incident of family violence, with the husband stabbing his wife inside the apartment. We arrived after the stabbing took place, and the husband attempted to flee the apartment. We apprehended him," Tubiya added. "Then, unfortunately, officers encountered a horrific scene: The wife was bleeding profusely on the ground after sustaining major stab wounds, and next to her were her three small children, crying and looking on," he said. According to police, the woman was stabbed 32 times. Gado was arrested by police, and the suspect's brother accompanied him to the police station "for fear he would do something," Tubiya said. The children are now staying with relatives of their mother. A Haifa Magistrate's court extended Gado's remand by eight days. The murder suspect made a chilling court appearance, and, according to Ynet, told photographers who awaited his arrival, "What happened? This often happens in our country." Gideon Kosta, the suspect's lawyer, insisted that his client undergo a psychiatric examination in the next few days, and the Haifa Magistrate's Court consented. During the court appearance, Kosta said the murder suspect had been hospitalized in a psychiatric ward twice in the past, and said the court must determine whether Gado was fit to stand trial. Tubiya said the police had received no previous reports or complaints of violence in the family. He said police required the public's help to prevent similar tragic incidents in the future. "We need public alertness. No matter what kind of violence we're looking at - verbal, physical, whether the violence is perceived emotionally - people must not be afraid to file a complaint so that we can help," he added. "We can issue a restraining order against the [offending] party, or provide a safe refuge for the woman and children to stay at in high-risk cases. But the most important thing is not to be held back by shame, not to keep things pent up, because we see the tragic results." Naga Gado was buried Sunday afternoon at a cemetery in Tirat Hacarmel. Also on Saturday, police were called to an address in the Haifa area after a 35-year-old woman complained she was being physically abused by her husband. A police officer and a volunteer who arrived at the apartment found the husband in a storage room hanging with a rope tied around his neck. He had apparently attempted to commit suicide to evade arrest. The officers quickly brought the man down, saving his life. He was rushed to the Rambam Hospital in Haifa, and is expected to recover from his injuries, which are said to be light. The suspect will then be interrogated by police.