Man wins record NIS 53 million in Toto

Follows 16 weeks without grand prize, Hapoel Beersheba match-fixing scandal.

money cash 88 (photo credit: )
money cash 88
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After 16 consecutive weeks without anyone winning the Toto Lottery, a Petah Tikva man broke the record on Saturday night for the largest Toto win in Israeli history. The contestant, who paid a mere NIS 29 for his ticket, guessed the requisite sequence of 16 numbers correctly and will rake in a total NIS 53 million. Ninety contestants scored in 15 games, winning NIS 119,117. 1,541 gamblers guessed 14 of the results, winning NIS 2,262 apiece, while 13,490 gamblers guessed 13, each winning NIS 258. A remaining 80,544 contestants won NIS 40 each after guessing 12 of the results.
  • Hapoel Beersheba players arrested on suspicions of match-fixing
  • A month ago, the Toto was set at a record NIS 55 million, but the draw was cancelled following December's soccer scandal, in which several Hapoel Beersheba players were suspected of accepting money to fix a National League match. Last Saturday, the Council for Sports Gambling decided to raise the prize to NIS 60m., but nevertheless, the prize total went down.