Marzel announces Knesset run on far-right ticket

Activist claims the country has turned corrupt and non-Jewish.

baruch marzel 88 (photo credit: )
baruch marzel 88
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Claiming the country had turned corrupt and non-Jewish, far-right activist Baruch Marzel announced his candidacy Tuesday for the Knesset in the upcoming elections as head of the National Jewish Front political party. The party's platform, spokesman Hen Ben-Eliahu told reporters at a press conference in Jerusalem, included encouraging Jewish immigration to Israel, the expulsion of Israel's enemies and a reform in the system of government. "We need to change the system in Israel," Marzel said. "Our country is in danger and we need to be strong to work together to try and save it." Marzel announced that his party had joined forces with the Right Israel political party led by Professor Paul Eidelberg. "For starters, we are uniting to create a strong and faithful front that will fight for a complete land based on the Torah," Marzel said. Responding to rumors that he met with National Union MK Aryeh Eldad at a Jerusalem hotel recently, Marzel said he was in the midst of negotiations with Eldad as well as other known right-wingers regarding the possibility they would join the party. "We would be happy to have Eldad join our party," he said. "We are in negotiations with a variety of people and until we have reached an agreement it is better not to elaborate so not to sabotage the plans."