Mazuz paints pessimistic picture for law grads

Attorney-General Menahem Mazuz painted a pessimistic picture of the state of Israeli society Wednesday evening during a speech before graduates of Bar-Ilan University's law faculty. "The symbols of government are collapsing one after another, the feeling is that the state is knocking out its values one by one," he said. He described Israel as a state "under warning" and warned the fresh graduates that "studies show the growing erosion of trust that the public has toward the different government institutions, including the judicial system." "These feeling of losing the way, of depression, or emotional detachment and loss of meaning, and they have a great danger," Mazuz said. "A state of collective despair can bring the society downwards to a state of lack up governmental stability, to a feeling of crumbling, and to a desire to kick away all of the rules because in a jungle [one acts like] in a jungle."