MDA employee who threatened MDA chief arrested

After a brief undercover investigation, police arrested the director of the Shlomi MDA branch under suspicion that he made a series of threatening calls to MDA director Eli Bein. The 57-year-old who is a longtime MDA employee admitted to making a number of harassing and threatening phone calls and text messages to Bein and his family. The anonymous phone calls, which were ongoing for a period of two weeks prior to the arrest, also contained threats against the MDA director's life. Following the investigation led by the Afula Police Station, police searched the suspect's home and discovered the SIM cards from which the threatening phone calls were made. Under questioning, the Shlomi director admitted to the allegations against him, and the Nazareth Magistrate's Court complied with an agreement made between the police and the suspect, through which the suspect was released to house arrest with extra restrictive conditions.