MDA has another busy Yom Kippur

Ambulance crews treat 1,999 people; 99 women in labor taken to hospital.

mda 88 (photo credit: )
mda 88
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Aside from being the holiest day on the Jewish calendar, Yom Kippur over the years has also come to signal the busiest day of the year for Magen David Adom ambulance crews. This Yom Kippur was no different, according to MDA, as crews throughout the country spent the holiday racing pregnant mothers in labor to hospital, treating children with scrapes and bruises, and resuscitating passed out fasters. Altogether, 1,999 people were treated by MDA crews. Eighty-three people were treated for ill effects from fasting, while 16 of them had to be resuscitated. Ninety-nine women in labor were also rushed to hospital. Some 187 children were given first aid for injuries due to skateboarding, roller blading, bike riding, and other escapades involving wheels. In a number of Israeli towns and cities, MDA crews reported being harassed by rowdy children and youth.
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