Meseznikov: Sa'ar confirmed there's no deal between Likud and Shas

MK Stas Meseznikov, the head of Israel Beiteinu's negotiating team, said Wednesday that he received a commitment from Likud faction chair Gideon Sa'ar that there has been no deal made with Shas. He said that the ultra-Orthodox party will not have veto power over issues of contention between Shas and Israel Beiteinu such as electoral reforms and civil unions for couples seeking to be legally recognized without a religious ceremony in order to receive governmental benefits. Speaking after the first round of talks between his party and the Likud, Meseznikov said, "The main problem right now is finding a solution for 350,000 people who deserve full benefits." "We made progress in the talks with Likud on issues like fighting terror and helping immigrants, but there are issues on which there has been no progress and that is a problem."