MK Attias: Shas won't leave gov't for the outposts

The removal of West Bank outposts won't cause Shas to leave the coalition, the party's Communications Minister Ariel Attias said Monday. "Shas will not leave for the sake of the outposts or the settlements, Shas will leave in order to restore the pride of the Torah, the crown (of Torah) to its rightful owners, and there is no reason to leave the government," Attias told the Knesset Channel. When asked about what would cause his party to leave Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's government, Attias responded that "if there is progress in the negotiations about the [whole] country, and not just Jerusalem, that would cause the party to leave the government." The communications minister also warned that a failure on the part of the government to accept the recommendations of Shas's commission for child subsidies could also lead to a crisis in the coalition.