MK Eitam: Israel must cut ties with Abbas

MK Effi Eitam (NU-NRP) responded to the approval of a Palestinian Authority coalition on Saturday saying that Israel must break all ties with PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas. "The government is responsible for the end of the international Hamas boycott in that they are delivering mixed messages regarding the PA," said Eitam, echoing words earlier spoken by Zalman Shuval (Likud), who shared a similar opinion before the parliament vote on Saturday afteroon. "Israel's insists it will continue talking to Abu Mazzen, and on the other hand will boycott the government [itself]... this delivers a weak message to the world… Israel is closing her eyes to the Hamas government which has disguised itself as a unity government in hope of winning international support. "Israel must cut ties with Abu Mazzen until all Hamas ministers resign," insisted Eitam.