MK Eitan: Don't impeach Katsav before indictment

MK Michael Eitan on Thursday argued for the practicality of temporarily suspending President Moshe Katsav as per his request, as opposed to forcing the president's resignation, saying that it was unwise to start the irreversible process of impeachment before the attorney-general had issued an indictment. Speaking at the Knesset House Committee session on the subject, Eitan said that the temporary suspension law had been introduced for just such a purpose - to withhold the president's duties for the duration of the investigation against him, while avoiding permanently punishing a potentially innocent man. "The message is that we are not ignoring the accusations against the president, and he will be temporarily relieved of his duties according to the law of temporary suspension, but we are also not taking the irreversible step of impeachment, at least until the attorney-general examines the evidence and comes to a final conclusion," he said.