MKs Nudelman and Landver quit Knesset

National Union MK Michael Nudelman and Labor MK Sofa Landver quit the Knesset on Monday after the Jerusalem District Court ruled that Nudelman needed to quit immediately in order to be able to run for the next Knesset with the Kadima Party. The Knesset House Committee ruled last week that Nudelman should not be able to run because he left the National Union without permission, but the court overruled the committee. Landver decided to follow suit and quit, because she is seeking a seat in the next Knesset with the Israel Beiteinu Party. Nudelman will be replaced in the Knesset by Esterina Tartman, who was the next name on the National Union list and is running with Israel Beiteinu. Landver will be replaced by Orna Angel, a close aide of former prime minister Ehud Barak.