Mock outpost built in left-wing protest

Two Palestinians arrested for allegedly attacking police; protesters given 60 days to remove structure.

mock outpost protest 224 (photo credit: )
mock outpost protest 224
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Palestinian and left-wing activists built a mock "Palestinian outpost" in the West Bank on Saturday to protest ongoing settlement expansion. In an area between Jerusalem and the West Bank settlement of Maaleh Adumim, demonstrators set up a small house, complete with a concrete foundation, and raised Palestinian flags. The fake outpost was meant to draw attention to continued settlement activity and about 30 Palestinians, Israelis and foreigners participated in the protest. Two Palestinian were arrested on suspicion of attacking police men, police said. One man shoveled concrete around the small house to reinforce it. Others tried to work out how to fit a glass window into its ready-made gap. "We are trying to make a new Palestinian suburb on land that is threatened with expropriation," said Abdullah Abu Rahme, a protester. During the protest, an man carrying an Israeli flag began arguing with the protesters. "This is Israeli land," he said. "Go to Jordan," he told Palestinian demonstrators. Police said the protesters had 60 days to remove the house.