Models reach out to Lebanese colleagues [p.7]

Tel Aviv Agency: 'Beauty represents hope. It will remind them of the good in life.'

Some of the employees at H.H. Models, a Tel Aviv-based modeling agency, have sent a letter to their counterparts at the Peace Models agency in Beirut saying, "Beauty queens are the true royalty of a country. While the men are fighting, it is our duty as women to show them how to live together in peace." Moti Rozynek, a spokesman for H.H. Models, said that during the war their models wanted to work "to bring about peace and hope." "They knew there was a modeling agency in Beirut and wanted to work with them," said Rozynek. They composed the letter and sent it onward. Rozynek said, "The hope of the girls is that their counterparts in Lebanon support peace." Sani Aber-Nader, the owner of Peace Models, told The Jerusalem Post that he had not yet received the letter, but that "since Lebanon made peace with Israel, we support Israel; we have no problems with Israel." Aber-Nader said, however, that because he worked directly with several Arab countries, he would not be able to have "direct relations" with the Israeli firm. Rozynek said he hoped the models' message would reach the kidnapped IDF soldiers. "Beauty represents hope. It will remind them of the good in life," he said. Chen Mesika, the owner of H.H. Models, said this "is not just the message of the girls, it is the message of the people of Israel."