Navy fires shells into Gaza waters

Warning shots fired at Gaza fisherman; Barak quoted as saying truce could last 'two days or two months.'

ship navy artillery298.8 (photo credit: AP)
ship navy artillery298.8
(photo credit: AP)
The navy fired four shells into the waters off Gaza City minutes after the Israel-Hamas truce began, as Defense Minister Ehud Barak was quoted in French newspaper Le Monde as saying he did not know how long the cease-fire between Israel and Hamas would last. The shells fell about 500 meters from shore and there were no apparent targets in the area, witnesses reported. The IDF confirmed it had fired warning shots into the air after Palestinian fishermen entered Israeli territorial waters. More than four hours into the 6 a.m. truce, there were no other reports of fire. Meanwhile, Barak, who is visiting France, was quoted by the paper as saying that the two sides were on a historic collision course. He reportedly said he did not know whether the cease-fire would last "two days or two months." Still, he said, it made sense to try it. A Hamas terror operative was killed and two wounded in an IAF strike in central Gaza, at about 4 a.m Thursday, two hours before the Gaza truce began, Palestinians reported. The IDF confirmed the strike, saying that it targeted a rocket launching cell. Meanwhile, an IDF officer was lightly wounded overnight Wednesday when he was shot during an arrest operation in Nablus. 12 terror suspects were arrested during overnight operations throughout the West Bank. In the Ramallah home of one of the detainees, soldiers found weapons and other military equipment. AP contributed to this report