Neturei Karta condemn "Zionist massacre"

Ultra-Orthodox group publishes statement following Gaza fighting, says "Zionism is doomed".

The ultra-orthodox anti-zionist group of Neturei Karta released a press statement, condemning "the recent Zionist terrorist massacre" in Gaza. The statement refers to Tuesday's heavy fighting, which resulted in the death of 19 Palestinians, a majority of them combatants. The statement read, "Anti-Zionist Jews condemn the Zionists in no uncertain terms for their violent and bloodthirsty behavior". "We cannot understand why great world powers seem to give the Zionists a free hand to commit such crimes against the indigenous Palestinian People from the comfort of their F16 fighter jets, helicopter gun ships and Merkava tanks." It went on to call to "great world powers" to "restore the rights of the Palestinians throughout historic Palestine". The statement concluded: "Zionism is doomed! The Zionist Regime is doomed! The Holy Land will be restored to Palestinians! It's not a matter of "if" but only "when"! Neturei Karta ("Guradians of the City") were created in 1935, with the express purpose of opposing the creation and existence of a Jewish State before the appearance of a Messiah. No statistics about their numbers exist, but it is though they do not exceed 5,000, mostly in the Jerusalem area.