'No. 1 assassin' arrested in Givat Shmuel

Underworld kingpin Avner Harari and a second man were arrested on Monday night in Givat Shmuel, on suspicion of being on their way to killing a rival from a Ramat Gan-based crime organization headed by Amir Mulner.
Harari, described by police as "the No. 1 assassin," and a second man identified as Idan Ben-Haim were brought to the Rishon Lezion Magistrate's Court. The police representative requested that the two men remain in custody for 12 days, but the court ordered them to remain behind bars for a week.
Harari's attorneys, Avi Amiram and Ran Tager, told The Jerusalem Post, "These suspicions have no basis. We hope that as the investigation continues police will conclude that Avner Harari has done nothing wrong."
Police say a gun with a silencer belonging to Harari was recovered during the arrest.
Harari was warned a month ago by police that his life was under threat. He was not told who was plotting to kill him, as is standard in such tips.
On Monday night, his attorneys say he was driving, sensed he was being followed, and carried out an evasive maneuver, before realizing he was being followed by police. Harari was convicted of plotting to kill underworld rival Asi Aboutbul with a LAW missile in 2007, and sentenced to three-years in prison.