No way to stop bird flu from spreading

Yitzhak Idilstein, business manager on Kibbutz Ein Hashlosha, said Monday that he was doubtful whether the poultry industry would ever recover from deadly bird flu that hit the community late last week. "They are cleaning out the turkey pens and cars leaving the kibbutz have to be sprayed with water but it is just a matter of time before the virus returns," said Idilstein, referring to the booming poultry business that was started by the kibbutz but that is now run by an outside company. "Israel is a station for migrating birds, more than 500 million birds fly through Israel every year," he said. However, he added that kibbutz members were remaining calm even in the face of this disaster. "We had to cull the birds in the petting zoo, which was very sad but the people here are not panicking," he said. "The carcasses are still being cleared away but people are getting on with their daily business."