Notable legislature recently passed

Campaign Donations: The Knesset plenum passed several amendments to the Parties Law, lifting restrictions on the way in which campaign donations can be raised. Donations for party primary campaigns may be received from non-Israeli citizens, although they will still be banned from donating to national campaigns. The limit on total donations was also raised from NIS 800,000 to NIS 2 million. Euthanasia: Terminally ill patients can request that their doctors not artificially extend their lives, under the newly passed Passive Euthanasia Law. The law will come into effect in a year's time, and the Ministry of Health and hospitals will begin preparations for its application. Cellular Antennas: Cellular companies will have to advise the public from now on of the installation of new antennas, and municipalities will have the authority to forbid the installation of such antennas, according to a new bill passed by the Knesset. Cellular companies will also need to compensate home owners for the devaluation of their real estate due to proximity of the antennas. Diaspora Museum: The Diaspora Museum in Tel Aviv will receive funding and resources according to a new law passed to support the museum. The museum nearly shut down in 2003 due to financial difficulties. Road Signs: All road signs in Israel will have standardized spelling under a new bill passed to clear up the frequent spelling mixups on Israel's roads. Nightclub noise: All nightclub and restaurant owners who play music will have to install a "noise meter" to make sure that the volume does not surpass a healthy noise decibel level regulated by the Health and Environment ministries. Auto Racing: Auto and off-road racing were legalized following the passing of the Motorized Sports Law. Regulations of this law will be determined in the next nine months. Car Safety: As of January 1. all car, truck and motorcycle owners must carry a florescent vest in their vehicles at all times following a new law aimed at improving driver safety.