NZ priest smears blood on Rabin memorial

Father Gerard Burns reportedly desecrates Wellington plaque to protest Gaza op.

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A memorial monument to prime minister Yitzhak Rabin in Wellington, New Zealand was defaced with red paint during a demonstration on Monday against the IDF operation in Gaza. According to Web site, about 100 protesters converged at the monument in Lambton Quay, where Wellington Palestinian Group spokesman Don Carson criticized the lack of New Zealand government response, calling it weak and one-sided, and urged it to enter talks with Hamas. "Let's send a message to our politicians to damn well do something," he said. One of the demonstrators, Father Gerard Burn, then sprinkled red paint, mixed with a drop of his own blood, on the monument to mark the killing of hundreds of Palestinians and the seizure of their land. Members of the crowd chanted "They kill, they lie but Palestine will never die", "Allahu Akhbar" and "Free, free Palestine". Foreign Affairs Minister Murray McCully said earlier that the government had called on both sides of the conflict to accept an immediate cease-fire.