'Olmert committed to Braverman's appointment to Knesset committee'

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert remains committed to the appointment of Labor MK Avishay Braverman to chairman of the Knesset Finance Committee, and will move to approve Braverman's selection for the job as early as tomorrow, an associate of the prime minister said. Olmert welcomed the appointments of Kadima MKs Eli Aflalo and Ruhama Avraham to immigrant absorption minister and tourism minister, respectively. But he added that "If Labor had not broken earlier agreements and voted against the ministers' appointments in the Knesset House Committee this morning, we would not have come to the situation that happened in the plenum this evening." Labor effectively voted no-confidence in the government on Monday evening when it opposed the ministers' appointment, due to the coalition's failure to raise a majority for the appointment of Braverman.