Olmert: 'I wouldn't miss chance for Syria talks'

PM repeats Israel doesn't want war; notes "kind of chance" with Palestinians.

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Prime Minister Ehud Olmert reiterated on Wednesday night that Israel had no interest in war with Syria, and insisted that he would not hesitate to hold talks with Damascus if the opportunity arose. "It's important that we know how to create momentum that would bring about a change in the diplomatic situation," Olmert told Kadima members in his Jerusalem office. "I believe in diplomatic initiatives ... . If I saw a crack of opportunity [to engage in diplomacy] with the Syrians, I wouldn't miss it." The prime minister also addressed the issue of the Palestinians, saying that he believed there was a "kind of chance" for peace. "Nonetheless, I don't believe in doing things hastily and without caution, which could create a risk," he said.