Olmert: Let's draw Israel's permanent borders

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon wants to draw Israel's borders in talks with the Palestinians, Vice Premier Ehud Olmert said Tuesday, adding that he had just met with Palestinian Finance Minister Salem Fayyad in hopes of creating "momentum, a better understanding." Olmert told Army Radio on Tuesday morning that "we want to continue a policy that will bring about the permanent borders of Israel." "We are talking about the desire to define the permanent borders of Israel in the framework of an agreement that is based on the ... road map, that defines the phases of the agreement, first to stop terror and afterward the negotiations," Olmert said. "We are making efforts to create momentum, to create a better understanding to persuade them (the Palestinians) to fight terror," Olmert continued. Fayyad said the meeting was good, and that he and Olmert dsicussed international aid for the Palestinians.