Olmert praisies olim upon arrival to Israel

Speaking to new immigrants at Ben Gurion Airport Wedneday morning, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert stressed Israel's success in garnering international support for its battle against Hizbullah. "As opposed to previous experiences," he said, "the state of Israel was not isolated and not alone. A large part of the international community supported Israel and justified the act that the state of Israel took to defend its people." He singled out the United States, England and Canada for their backing of Israel. 520 immigrants arrived at the same time on flights from those three countries on Wednesday. "There can be no stronger (show) of trust in the state of Israel than your decision to come to live here," Olmert claimed. "We are not an easy county to live in, you don't know it yet, you'll find out soon," the PM added, "but there is no other home but this one."