Olmert: Repair ties with Turkey

Former PM stresses Ankara's strategic importance to Israel.

Ehud Olmert 311 AP Good Quality (photo credit: AP)
Ehud Olmert 311 AP Good Quality
(photo credit: AP)
We need to rehabilitate our relations with Turkey, Former prime minister Ehud Olmert said Wednesday in an interview with Army Radio.
"Ankara is of utmost strategic importance," Olmert exlpained. "I think that it is possible to resuscitate our relations, and return to our previous position which we held not too long ago."
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"Back then we were loved by the entire world: all European dignitaries would visit Israel- even after Operation Cast Lead- in order to support us and bless us," Olmert continued.
The former prime minister added that "it is clear that our current political state is fragile. Our government needs to make a great effort to rebuild our political relationships with our allies who are currently angry with us."
"We need to get out of the isolated bubble we find ourselves in," Olmert urged."It is not relevant now why this happened, who is guilty and who isn't: This is not the time for these considerations."