Olmert sorry for convoy accident

PM calls doctor to inquire about injured girl, wishes her a quick recovery.

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Prime Minister Ehud Olmert spoke with the doctor treating the 10-year-old girl who was injured on Thursday night when she was hit by one of the vehicles in the prime minister's convoy. Olmert inquired as to her condition and was slightly relieved when he was informed that she had no internal damage and that she was expected to be released from hospital, read a statement from the Government Press Office on Friday. The prime minister expressed his sorrow and wished the young girl a quick and total recovery, continued the statement. The girl was crossing at a green light near the entrance to Jerusalem when she was hit by the car, witnesses said. She was evacuated in light-to-moderate condition to the capital's Hadassa Ein Karem Hospital. The convoy was traveling with flashing lights and sirens and witnesses said that it ran a red light. The driver of the car involved in the accident is due to be questioned by police on Sunday. Shortly after the accident, Magen David Adom and Hatzollah teams arrived at the scene. Members of Jerusalem District Police's Traffic Department also arrived and began investigating the incident. The girl's sister, Tamar, told Israel Radio on Friday that the girl was too shocked to even talk. "She is a small girl. She knows that on a green light you go and on red light you must stop. She doesn't understand what to do when police sirens are sounded. Anyway, the convoy didn't even use speakers to warn pedestrians. She wasn't at fault at all." Tamar went on to say that her sister didn't speak or move after she was hit and only started to respond when an ambulance arrived at the scene. When asked about the reaction of the prime minister's convoy Tamar said: "The convoy stopped for a few minutes but no one got out and it then drove away." Immediately after being informed of the incident, the Prime Minister's Office expressed remorse and said that news of the accident was received much later, since the car involved was traveling behind the vehicle in which the prime minister was traveling. The PMO claimed that the prime minister's personal paramedic was traveling in the car and that immediately after the accident he got out of the vehicle to give the girl preliminary medical treatment before the MDA and Hatzollah teams arrived.