One wounded as 12 Kassams hit w. Negev

Rocket crashes into Sderot home, several people treated for shock; 9 mortar shells fired from Gaza.

Kassam Great 224.88 (photo credit: Channel 1)
Kassam Great 224.88
(photo credit: Channel 1)
As US President George W. Bush was on his way to meet Prime Minister Ehud Olmert in Jerusalem on Wednesday afternoon, a barrage of five Kassam rockets fired from Gaza landed in and around Sderot, wounding one person lightly and sending several people into shock. Earlier Wednesday, a Kassam rocket crashed into a private residence in the western Negev town. Distraught Sderot resident Danny Dahan described the scene of the attack. "I arrive at my brother's house and see a rocket that disintegrated his young boy's bed," he told Army Radio. "[His wife] was at home with their three-week-old son. She ran into the bomb shelter and was saved by a miracle," he said. "How much more can we stand? How strong can we be? We're being abandoned," said a tearful Dahan. Six more rockets and nine mortar shells landed in open areas in the western Negev Wednesday, causing no casualties or damage. Earlier Wednesday, the IDF fired a missile at a terrorist cell launching mortar shells from the northern town of Beit Hanun, killing one and wounding six, Palestinian medics and the Islamic Jihad said. The army confirmed that its ground troops had fired at the cell, saying it was responsible for firing five of the mortar shells.