PA committed 'treason' in W.Bank terror suspects' arrests

Hamas spokesman claims PA "directly cooperating with enemy" after arresting suspects linked to attacks that left 4 Israelis dead.

Hamas shooting (photo credit: Associated Press)
Hamas shooting
(photo credit: Associated Press)
Hamas accused the Palestinian Authority of "direct cooperation with the enemy" after it arrested Hamas members in conjunction with recent West Bank terrorist attacks that left four Israelis dead and two others injured last week, Army Radio reported Thursday.
Hamas spokesman Fawzi Barhum likened the arrests to "treason" and warned the Fatah run authority not to hand the men over to Israel.
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"The continuation of this criminal campaign crosses all red lines and is direct cooperation with the enemy in the clear light of day," Barhum continued.
The spokesman warned that "the arrests will only increase Hamas's determination to continue the resistance and intensify our painful strikes on the Zionist enemy."
The Palestinian Authority reported on Tuesday that security forces arrested several Hamas members for their suspected involvement in the shooting attack that killed four Israelis from Bet Hagai last week.
Palestinian officials also reported that security organizations arrested two men suspected of carrying out the recent West Bank shooting attack that injured two Israelis at the Rimonim Junction, east of the West Bank city of Ramallah. Two people were injured, one seriously, when a Palestinian gunmen ambushed the Israeli car.
Barhum called on Palestinian factions to confront the Palestinian Authority in order to put an end to the "treason."
Hamas claimed responsibility for both attacks and also accused the Palestinian Authority of arresting hundreds of its members in the wake of the killings.