Peres worries for PM; likely to stay in Kadima

Shimon Peres, on his way to a Friday meeting with Acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert told reporters, "We all have to unite as one man with one heart. We are praying night and day for the PM's complete recovery. We all wish Olmert success. "The entire nation must do everything so that the democratic processes will be maintained and that the country's stability will not waver, so the responsibility for security and the hope for continuing the peace will not be harmed. I will do everything possible to help the process. After the meeting Peres said, "We will continue with Sharon's policies even though it will be difficult, we do not lack optimism. I think Sharon's path was correct and we have to continue with it properly. Olmert and Peres agreed to continue cooperating. Sources close to both men said it was likely that he would stay in Kadima and not return to Labor. Olmert called all of Sharon's advisors and all the staff of the Prime Minister's Office and asked them to stay on.