Peretz: 'We will continue with the attacks'

Israel will continue to pressure Hamas with IAF airstrikes, Defense Minister Amir Peretz vowed in an interview with Channal 2 Thursday evening. "We will continue with the attacks that we started with", Peretz said, and added that, "everyone can see that the strength we are currently using is only a fraction of the possibilities that are at our disposal" When asked about the other candidates campaigning for the top spot in the Labor party, Ami Ayalon and Ehud Barak, the defense minister said that Ami Ayalon's candidacy was somewhat legitimate due to the fact that Ayalon had "helped the party in the previous election." Barak's candidacy, however, was illegitimate, said the defense minister, explaining that Barak was only willing to be politically active as a candidate for prime minister. "He was not with us [in the last election]," Peretz said.