Plane makes emergency landing at B-G

El Al Boeing 757 was carrying some 140 passengers to Tel Aviv from Madrid.

el al evacuation 298.88 (photo credit: Michael Freund)
el al evacuation 298.88
(photo credit: Michael Freund)
An El Al jet carrying some 140 passengers and half a ton of fuel made a safe emergency landing Monday afternoon at Ben-Gurion International Airport. The aircraft, en route to Tel Aviv from Madrid, declared an emergency after thick smoke was reported emanating from the cockpit of the Boeing 757. El Al said that one of the aircraft's fans had shorted out, causing the smoke and a smell of burnt rubber that rescue forces at the scene reported. Dozens of Magen David Adom ambulances and mobile intensive care units were scrambled to the tarmac ahead of the Boeing 757's touchdown. Less than a week ago, an Arkia aircraft carrying 70 passengers to Eilat was forced to turn around and land at Ben-Gurion Airport on Tuesday morning. Arkia officials said the plane had a mechanical problem. On March 28, an El Al plane leaving Ben-Gurion for Zurich was forced to cancel its takeoff as smoke began pouring out of the cockpit as the aircraft was taxing down the runway.