PM: Accord with PA will have to come before the people

Netanyahu says he is considering putting any future agreements to a referendum while on tour of the south; tells Hamas: "Don't test our determination."

netanyahu negev 311 (photo credit: GPO)
netanyahu negev 311
(photo credit: GPO)
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said Tuesday he would consider Likud MK Ophir Akunis's proposal to bring a bill to the Knesset's winter session next month mandating that any agreement with the Palestinians be voted on in a national referendum.
Speaking during a tour of Ashkelon and Sderot, Netanyahu said that if an agreement with the PA was indeed concluded, "it is clear that it will have to come before the people for a decision one way or another.".
While on a tour of towns near the Gaza border, Netanyahu said in Sderot: "It is clear to me that any agreement that I will bring will be brought to the nation for a decision, and there are a number of ways to do that."
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"This kind of decision requires a national decision; therefore, I said I would consider it," the prime minister explained. He added that the peace talks are not just a process; his goal is to bring a historic peace agreement.
Netanyahu also warned Hamas not to shoot missiles at Israel.
"Our first commitment is to security, and I recommend that Hamas and the other [terror] organizations not test our determination to respond to the [missile] fire," he said in a speech in Ashkelon, after being presented with parts of missiles that landed in the city.
Netanyahu added: "I said that shootings will get a quick response, and this lowered the amount of missiles. There were shootings recently, and we responded and hit Hamas targets, including a senior Hamas official. We will continue with this policy," he added.
Referring to comments made by Abbas yesterday on the recognition of the state of Israel, Netanyahu said:
"The Palestinians must recognize the Jewish state, and the fact they haven't done so raises some doubts. I am saying to Abbas – recognize the Jewish state."