PM: Attack will have 'far-reaching consequences'

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said Sunday that there would be "far-reaching consequences" for a rocket attack launched by Lebanese guerillas on the city of Haifa that killed eight people and wounded dozens of others. "Nothing will deter us," he said at the beginning of his government's weekly Cabinet meeting. "There will be far-reaching consequences in our relations on the northern border and in the area in general." Olmert also said that Israel's offensive in Lebanon does not intend to harm Lebanese civilians. Since the fighting began five days ago, 106 Lebanese were killed in Israeli airstrikes, most of them civilians. "We want to live our lives in peace and in good neighborly relations," he said. "Unfortunately, there are those who misinterpret our wishes for peace in the wrong way. We have to no intention of bending in the face of these threats." "Our enemies are trying to disrupt the lifestyle in Israel. They will fail," he said.