PM to AJC leaders: Iran biggest threat to Israel

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert met with a delegation of American Jewish Committee (AJC) leaders Wednesday morning and commended the leaders and said that the strong ties with the American Jewish community represent an additional facet of the Israel-United States relationship. Olmert updated delegates on his remarks to the AIPAC conference earlier this week and reiterated his position that Iran is the main threat facing Israel: "The main issue confronting Israel today is Iran. I have already said that that we would prefer a diplomatic solution and that we are not enthusiastic about a military alternative. There is no doubt that the US plays a vital role in reaching a solution and I am certain of America's resolve to do so." The AJC leaders, who came to Israel after visiting the Persian Gulf states, told Olmert that for the first time in many years they were impressed by their conversations with Arab leaders and suggested that Israel is not isolated as it has been in the past. The prime minister said: "I am making great efforts to build bridges to various countries, while continuing our open dialogue channel with the Palestinians."