PMO submits document to Winograd C'tee on flaws fixed since interim report

The Prime Minister's Office submitted a document to the Winograd Committee detailing all the steps that were taken following the recommendations of the interim report on the failures of the Second Lebanon War, it was reported on Monday morning. According to the document, all the report's recommendations had been implemented apart from the one on hasbara, Israel Radio said. Among the recommendations were new procedures for convening the security cabinet and for improving coordination between the PMO and the Foreign Ministry. Also outlined in the document were the procedures for National Security Council operations, new measures for improving government ministries' understanding of security issues and details on the program to establish a national crisis center and a national emergency authority. In addition, the PMO highlighted how steps had been taken to bolster local councils as well as to construct new shelters and improve existing ones. Israel Radio reported that the report also described how the number of participants in security and cabinet meetings would be limited in order to prevent leaks.