Police at level 4 alert; 4,300 police around Amona

Police declared a level 4 state of alert in the early hours of Wednesday morning. A total of 1,600 policemen were stationed in the Amona outpost, and another 1,500 were on guard in the surrounding areas, in order to prevent more people from reaching the hilltop. The decision to raise the level of alert from 2 to 4 was based on intelligence information that protestors planned to block roads and junctions around the country. A level 4 alert (one stage before the highest) means that no policemen are allowed to go on leave, and those already on vacation are required to return to work. Police Inspector-General Moshe Karadi also instructed an additional 1,200 policemen to be on standby in Mishor Adumim in case of disturbances in, or around, Amona.