Police: Gay man 'kidnapped' by relatives

19-year-old fled from village to Tel Aviv to escape threatening kin.

Four men from the Muslim village of Tamra, 20 km. east of Acre, were arrested on Tuesday night on suspicion of kidnapping a 19-year-old gay relative because of his sexual orientation.
The kidnap victim had moved to Tel Aviv to get away from threatening relatives, but police say the family members caught up with him after first harassing and threatening him.RELATED:
TA rally to remember gay club murdersRabbis calls for respect for gaysHis relatives had demanded he return to his village and “act normal,” the victim said.
Police said the kidnappers armed themselves with pepper spray and waited for their relative outside his south Tel Aviv apartment.
After identifying him walking down the street with a friend, the suspects allegedly assaulted the men, sprayed them with pepper spray, and made off with their target. The kidnap victim’s friend alerted police.
As police put up road blocks to intercept the kidnappers, the car carrying the youth drove north, and the victim was repeatedly beaten, police said. He was held for approximately 12 hours, and the captors planned to move him to a hideout. At that stage, police caught up with the kidnappers, arresting them and freeing the captive.