Police: Misuse of drug informant wrecked cases

Police Insp.-Gen. Moshe Karadi received a recommendation from the investigating team Tuesday to bring an officer and three of his policemen before a disciplinary hearing for misusing a confidential informant. The four belong to the Central Unit of the Central District. It was also decided to place a warning in the files of Acting Commander of the Central Unit in the Central District Dept.-Cmdr. Dani Blorian as well as others. The investigating team found serious deficiencies in the use of the informant, problems which caused all charges to be dropped Tuesday morning against those he provided evidence against. The trustworthiness of the informant - a known felon - was questioned after it turned out that he both used and sold drugs while acting as an informant, Army Radio reported. It was also decided to systematically reevaluate the use of confidential informants in central units. It was decided that all such uses would be supervised by a senior officer from the Investigation and Intelligence Branch. In addition, officers and detectives in the investigations division of the Central Unit of the Central District will receive additional instructions on how to deal with this type of situation.