Police question head of driving course body

Tel Aviv police questioned on Monday Hanoch Carmon, the head of the National Council for the Prevention of Accidents, for allegedly providing exemptions to people with driving offenses from taking mandatory driving courses. The allegations relate to when Carmon was the director-general of the National Transport Center, which provides reinstruction to drivers who have received a certain number of disciplinary points on their licenses. At the end of the course, the drivers then need to pass another driving test. A police spokeswoman said they aren't certain whether Carmon received bribes for granting the exemptions or whether it was merely a breach of faith. "At this stage it just seems an issue of using protectzia," she said. A report in the Hebrew press said people who received the exemptions included judges, senior transport officials and the entertainer Dudu Topaz, although the police declined to confirm these details. Carmon couldn't be reached for comment by press time.