Police searching for grenade-thrower

Three wounded, one seriously, in a criminal attack on Nahariya restaurant.

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mda 88
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A grenade was thrown into a bar-restaurant next to the Park Plaza Hotel on the boardwalk in Nahariya on Thursday, wounding three people. Police reported that the incident was a criminal, and not a terror act. One of the wounded remained in serious condition Friday morning. A witness said that they saw a vehicle speed away after the explosion. Police began chasing after a suspicious vehicle, but the lead proved fruitless. On Friday morning, police sources said that no suspects had been arrested, and that police were concentrating on intelligence sources in trying to find new leads. MDA and the police were immediately notified after the incident, and the wounded were rushed to a hospital in Nahariya. The restaurant, called the Cro-Bar Pub, was opened to the public only a few weeks before the incident, Israel Radio reported.