Police serious now: Start wearing reflective vests

The new law requiring drivers to wear a reflective vest when exiting their vehicle on inter-city highways will be enforced beginning Wednesday. Though the law officially came into effect on January 1, no tickets were handed out for violations during the month. As of Wednesday, when a driver exits his vehicle he is required to wear a reflective vest, although the law does not apply to intra-city streets. The penalty for violating the law is still unclear. "Those who receive a ticket will have to go to court and the fine will be decided by the court," said Ora Salomon, spokesperson for the Transportation Ministry. "There is currently no set fine for the ticket," she said. The law was enacted following several accidents in which people were injured or killed near their vehicles because they could not be seen by other drivers, Salomon said. Or Yarok (Green Light), Israel's largest private road safety organization, is pleased with the safety measure, which it sees as a "significant contribution to road safety." However, Or Yarok spokesman Aharon Lapidot said, "we don't think it's plausible to flood the courts with this kind of misdemeanor. We think it is better to make a clear penalty." Salomon pointed out that drivers are not permitted to store the reflective vests on the car's seats, as the vests could interfere with airbags. She suggested drivers keep the vests in the glove compartment. Vests can be purchased in supermarkets and car accessory stores.