Police suspect Francois Abutbul's life at risk

Threats sent to jailed organized crime leader telling him to leave country; Abutbul asked to be interviewed by media.

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handcuffed 224.88
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Organized crime leader Francois Abutbul, who is set to be released from prison in one month, received a message from people in the underworld demanding that he leave the country or his life will be at risk, said police, according to Army Radio.
Known as "Francois the Great," Abutbul has been serving a year in prison for assaulting his wife.
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The crime leader filed a petition with the prison authority to be interviewed by the media, but he was denied. Police suspect that Abutbul's enemies in the underworld intend to kill him, which could be the reason that Abutbul asked for an interview, according to Army Radio.
"If Abutbul wants to send a message to his enemies, he can do so through relevant police sources," the prison authority said.
A hearing on Abutbul's petition is expected to take place next week.
A senior police source confirmed information that Francois's life will be at risk upon his release, and police are preparing to act accordingly.