Police to launch campaign against drunk driving

Transportation Minister Meir Sheetrit and head of the police transportation division, Cmdr. Shahar Ayalon planned on going around pubs and parties on New Year's Eve in a campaign meant to prevent drunk driving. The slogan of the operation was chosen as "If you drink, you don't drive, that's what friends are for." The police were scheduled to tour pubs in Yaffo and Rishon Lezion and to explain to the youth the dangers of driving while intoxicated, especially during New Year's Eve when there are expected to be many drunk drivers on the road. Sheetrit called upon youths who plan to drink during the holiday to assign a designated driver who would abstain from drinking during the night, and thus would be able to drive safely. The Transportation Minister also announced that a new law was enacted which allowed any policeman to conduct breathalyzer tests on any driver. Any driver who refuses to undergo the test would be considered intoxicated.