Police to probe handling of Haifa abuse-murder case

Husband of slain mother of six found hanged on a lamp post in a Haifa park.

murder in haifa MURDER SCENE GENERIC 248 (photo credit: Channel 2)
murder in haifa MURDER SCENE GENERIC 248
(photo credit: Channel 2)
The police has set up an internal committee to examine its handling of the murder of Ananye Jamara, a mother of six who was found dead on Monday, apparently killed by her husband. Mula Jamara, 53, Ananye's husband, was found dead in Haifa on Tuesday morning. Police say he hanged himself on a lamp post. "We are not looking to evade internal criticism where it is justified," Ch.-Supt. Yaakov Geffen, head of the Haifa Police Investigations Department, told The Jerusalem Post. Geffen said the police's overall handling of the case was satisfactory, adding that "the problem was the last message sent by the social worker." Close to the time of Ananye's murder on Monday morning, the police investigator handling Ananye's case received a call from a social worker who dealt with the victim, and who had called to inform police of additional threats to Ananye's life. Mula had two cases of abuse open against him, and a restraining order to keep away from his wife, after she had complained of receiving threats in recent weeks. The social worker called after meeting with Ananye on Monday morning. Geffen denied that police had any prior knowledge that Mula was going to see his wife on Monday. He added that Mula had routinely violated the restraining order. "We know that the suspect went there [to Ananye's home]. "Unfortunately, a restraining order cannot be enforced 24 hours a day, seven days a week," he told the Post. "The decree is an instruction, not a physical obstacle." Police say Ananya continued to live in her home after receiving the threats.