Protesters crash Petah Tikva ceremony

Mayor cancels municipal event when Ethiopian immigrants climb on stage to protest racism.

Ethiopian 224.88 (photo credit: Courtesy)
Ethiopian 224.88
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Several days after it was revealed that schoolgirls of Ethiopian extraction were being discriminated against in a Petah Tikva school, the municipality was preparing for a ceremony during which excelling education establishment employees were to be given prizes. But Ethiopian immigrants arrived at the ceremony, mounted the stage in protest and disrupted the event. "It is inconceivable that on the same week [when] racism [has been revealed], you will sit here and be given prizes," they told the crowd. The ceremony was just beginning when the angry protesters caused its cancellation. Following the protest, Petah Tikva Myor Yitzhak Ohayon told the attendants he was canceling the distribution of prizes as a token of his identification with the town's Ethiopian residents, Israel Radio reported.