Quotes from Rehavam Ze'evi

'My movement [Moledet], unlike Kach, does not advocate expelling Arabs. It advocates only voluntary transfer, and then only for residents of Judea, Samaria, and Gaza, not Israeli Arabs. November 7, 1990 To MK Tawfik Zayyad: 'You supported Stalin, the genocidist; now you call others killers.' November 23, 1992 'From December 14 on, when I travel in [Gaza and Jericho], should I be stopped for identification or any other reason by one of these armed and uniformed Fatah people, I will shoot him in self-defense before he identifies me and decides to do the same to me. This is what I will do, and I expect any Jew in similar circumstances to act as I do.' November 24, 1993 'The [IDF blockade of Ramallah] didn't spawn terror. Terror spawned the blockade. Economic straits don't inspire Ramallah's residents to terror. They were already inspired a priori to throw us into the sea.' March 16, 2001 On Israel's closure of the Jericho casino: 'Of course the Arabs are interested in raking profits from the casino. The PA terror chiefs have personally invested loot there and they use money squandered at the gambling tables by Israelis without scruples to underwrite more terror against more Israelis. The tragedy is that we play ball with them and they promise peace where it suits their interests, like in Jericho. Why can't we have peace in Netzarim?' April 27, 2001 'Arafat is wicked and a liar.' June 18, 2001 Ze'evi claims about 180,000 Palestinians are in Israel illegally: 'They arrived here and are trying to become citizens, because they want social security and welfare payments. We should get rid of the ones who are not Israeli citizens the same way you get rid of lice. We have to stop this cancer from spreading within us.' July 3, 2001 'I don't understand how Peres can continue with Oslo after it failed so bitterly. The nation should wake up and smell the failure of Oslo. [Sharon] must prevent future meetings with that man [Arafat]. He is a murderer, he is a man of blood, he has got to go.' July 16, 2001