Ramle guard admits he killed his relatives

Suspect allegedly wrote details of attack on his computer before arrest; tennager stabbed to death.

Police believe the Ramle security guard arrested on suspicion of murdering his grandmother, aunt and uncle after he arrived home from a overnight shift on Friday morning, wrote an account of the slayings on his computer before police arrived at the scene. The suspect confessed to murdering 89-year-old Ginda Diobkin, Bella Litrovnikov, 54, and her husband, Boris, 56. An initial investigation by police revealed that the killings occurred during an argument. According to police, the suspect had gone grocery shopping after returning from a shift at a cellular phone company on Friday morning. When he arrived at the apartment, he found his grandmother, who lived at the apartment, and his aunt and uncle, who live nearby. An argument began that eventually came to blows. The suspect then allegedly pulled out his work-issue handgun and shot his three relatives in the head. He has spoken sparingly to authorities since his arrest on Friday afternoon, according to police. "He hasn't said much at all," a police spokesman said. "He did tell us to check his computer, and that there we'd find everything." Responding to reports of gunfire around 1 p.m. on Friday, police arrived at Rehov Yair Stern and found a man bleeding in the stairwell who told them he had been shot when he went to investigate sounds of gunfire emanating from the neighboring apartment. When police knocked on the door, the suspect came out with his hands held out to be handcuffed. "Inside they found the three bodies," the police spokesman said. Police were looking into reports that the shooting was a result of a financial dispute between the suspect and his grandmother. They were also investigating whether the shooter was mentally disabled. "We know from his friends and co-workers that there was an ongoing argument about the apartment," the police spokesman said. "Apparently the family wanted the grandmother to leave, and he wanted her to stay. It's not exactly clear, but it seems he wanted to have control over the apartment." Police have not released details on what they found on the computer. That information, along with the time it was written, will shed light on the suspect's motives and on whether the attack was planned in advance. Chief investigator Tomer Cohen said the murder was apparently premeditated. At the time of his arrest, police found two guns in the man's possession. In another incident on a violent weekend, 17-year-old Lod resident Ya'acov Geta was stabbed to death in an early-Saturday morning brawl outside a nightclub in Rishon Lezion's old industrial zone, police said. Geta was taken to Assaf Harofeh Hospital in Tzrifin in critical condition and later died of his wounds. Police were searching for the attackers and were questioning eight possible eyewitnesses. "We still don't have a motive," a police spokesman told The Jerusalem Post. "We know it was possibly over a girlfriend, or over something that happened in one of the clubs." Earlier Friday, the body of a 40-year-old homeless man was found near a shelter in Jaffa. According to the preliminary police investigation, the man was killed in a fight with two other homeless people. The police arrested a man, 45, and a woman, 31, who were found near the body and were suspected of involvement in the murder.