Report: Hizbullah took reservists alive

Channel 1: Lebanese reporter with group ties says abduction filmed, tape hidden.

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A Lebanese reporter with close ties to Hizbullah chief Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah was quoted by Channel 1 on Thursday night as saying that kidnapped IDF reservists Eldad Regev and Ehud Golwasser had been taken alive from their military vehicle when they were abducted exactly one year ago. According to the report, Hizbullah filmed the kidnapping before hiding the video in an undisclosed location.
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  • Shortcomings fixed but much work still remains Less than an hour after the incident, the reporter claimed, Nasrallah received a message saying that "the gift has arrived," referring to the captured reservists. Nasrallah reportedly responded to the news by asking whether Hizbullah had any casualties and what the Israeli media was reporting.