Report: IAF strike wounds peacekeepers

Two soldiers from Indian battalion reported moderately wounded, evacuated.

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Two UN peacekeepers were wounded Saturday when an IAF air strike hit near their border post in southern Lebanon, a spokesman said. The two soldiers from the Indian battalion of the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon were "moderately wounded as a result of the impact of an aerial bomb that hit in the vicinity" of their position in the border village of Adaisseh, UNIFIL spokesman Milos Strugar said. The two soldiers were evacuated to a UNIFIL hospital in the town of Ibl Saqi. Strugar said the observation tower inside the position was damaged. Four unarmed officers with the UN observer force in south Lebanon were killed in an Israeli air strike that destroyed their bunker in southern Lebanon on Tuesday. The deaths sparked an angry spat between the world body and Israel when UN chief Kofi Annan said the hit appeared intentional, which Israel denied.