Report: Israelis trash Cyprus hotels

Owners: Youths soiled, burned rooms; Foreign Ministry puts onus on parents.

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Some 20 Israeli youths have been arrested recently while vacationing in Cyprus, on suspicion of vandalizing the hotels in which they were staying, Channel 10 reported on Sunday evening. A number of those arrested have been charged, the report said. One local hotel owner said that he could "easily identify the Israelis by their behavior. They do terrible things. Beyond the fact that they destroy the rooms, they aren't ashamed to defecate in the middle of the room." Another hotel owner detained several Israelis after finding their room completely burned. "They came out of the room, leaving a burning gas range with boiling oil," he recounted. He is now holding their passports until he receives compensation, the report said. Meanwhile, the Foreign Ministry, which is trying to bring the accused youths back to Israel, said that this was a phenomenon that was steadily getting worse, but that the ministry was helpless against it. "It all begins and ends at home," the ministry said. "Parents need to take responsibility and educate their children."